Wednesday, January 30, 2013

wear it wednesday [blogging zen]

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
it's no secret that i'm a yoga-holic [here and here] so when philly fabb sent the invite for a fabb yoga-themed event at philly power yoga i rsvp'd faster than it was probably cool to do so [hey, i never claimed coolness]. 

so sunday afternoon i threw on my [matching] yoga duds:

[all workout wear from target, nike sneakers]

did some yoga moves on the balcony for my [hot] blog photographer to capture [further proving to my neighbors that i am a very short supermodel who is now expanding into fitness-wear... or crazy, you know, whichever]:

[can you believe that i couldn't touch my toes before, let alone do this?]

and headed downtown [the most bass-ackwards way possible because who wants to be practical?]. after squeezing my car into the tiniest spot possible in a crowded lot, and high-tailing it to the studio [because i am perpetually running late], i definitely needed a little zen in my life.

thankfully, the instructors [thanks abby & lauren!] quickly had me focusing on my breath and stretching myself into calmness. if philly power yoga wasn't so far away [damn you, suburbs!], i'd take a class daily [if you live in philly, definitely check 'em out].

[here i am showing off my balancing skills - or lack there of -  with jade of stylewallflower
don't act like you're not impressed. (image via & taken by)] 

because you know you're hungry after yoga, there were delicious wraps from fuel philly and my new favorite drink from bai5 [i had the blueberry, and grabbed extra for the road... it was glorious]. 

on top of blogging for myself, it's these events where i get to meet such awesome local bloggers [check out,, and get introduced to great new local places that make it all so much fun for me. thanks again, philly fabb!

pleated poppy
[and of course another wiww!]


  1. I'm thinking about doing yoga again. Your cute outfit is motivating

  2. Your yoga outfit is so cute! Every month I say I swear I'm going to spend a little money on some cuter workout clothes, but then H&M calls my name, and I run back like a puppy. Why buy a $30 pair of yoga pants when you can get a super cute top from H&M? Right?

    You're so stinkin' cute though! I can only imagine what all of our neighbors think, watching our husbands photograph us every day...

  3. I opyat' rasdetaya,oh budu bit' po pope!


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