Monday, February 18, 2013

monday musings [coveting closet: the olsen twins]

Monday, February 18, 2013
i grew up watching full house and i was always more of a DJ fan [and i may or may not have had several outfits that kimmy gibbler would have gladly worn... i know] but watching the olsen twins grow up, realize their style, and start their own fashion labels [the row, elizabeth & james, olsenboye], i realized that i identified with what they wore [or designed] much more. 

if i could shop their closets, i would pick:

1) ashley's corset-top dress
Ashley Olsen
[image via]

2) mary-kate's flannel
CARRY ALL? photo | Mary-Kate Olsen
[image via]

3) ashley's shearling jacket
ashley olsen
[image via]

4) mary-kate's sequin dress
[image via]

5) ashley's scarf & shoes:
[image via]

i identify a little more with ashley's cleaner lines and neutral color choices, but i love going a little more boho like mary-kate sometimes! [oh, and those kimmy gibbler-esque clothes are loooong gone].

who's your favorite olsen?

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  1. Nice article you are really a big fan of ashley. Your choice is good in cloths. I specially like dolce and gabbana shearling jacket.


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