Tuesday, February 5, 2013

oh and one more thing [sip shop swap]

Tuesday, February 5, 2013
[emily of herphilly, me, mecca of styledoutloud. image via melissa alam of ringthealam]

on saturday i had the pleasure of attending philly style blogger's first annual sipshopswap at the wardrobe boutique in the beautiful art museum section of philadelphia!

the wardrobe boutique is just that, an adorable boutique full of donated items that benefit career wardrobe, a non-profit organization that has been empowering women in transition for over 16 years. [so it's a pretty awesome cause]. they have a fabulous selection of clothes, jewelry, and shoes. [i was scoping out some mint-condition tory burch boots and flats, but alas, not my size].

the event brought stylish ladies from all over the philadelphia area to hear a panel of thrift-fessionals [mecca nuri of styledoutloud, jessie holeva of trendhungry & co-founder of phillyfabbb, karima renee of skinny minority, and georgette niles of grown & curvy woman] speak about their style & thrifting tips! before and after the panel, we were able to browse the racks, enjoy delicious cupcakes from tiffany's bakery [i had the red velvet, naturally], and mingle.

from the panel i, a self-proclaimed terrible thrifter, learned that size doesn't matter as long as you have a great tailor [and the wardrobe boutique has an on-site tailor that's FREE on fridays for items purchased there!], to go thrifting with an open mind but a tight budget, and that usually the best items to thrift are accessories [thanks jessie!]. sure enough, i left the event with a sweet unique chunky necklace that i've already worn twice [success!].

take a peek at the fun:

 [jessie holeva of trendhungry & karima renee of skinnyminority]

  [georgette niles of grown & curvy woman. how amazing is her thrifted (p)leather peplum top? she had it tailored to fit her perfectly. i was tres jealous]

  [finally got to meet emily of herphilly after being a big fan of her blog!]

 [my sweet thrifted necklace, love it!]

thanks for having me, philly style bloggers! can't wait for another event!


  1. What a fun event ! I'm not a good thrifter .. I'm more of a donator.


  2. Awww looks like fun!! Cool necklace you got!!

    xo – Sheila
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  3. Love the pictures!!! :) I didn't know you got the necklace - how fun is that? So nice finally meeting you! xx



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