Thursday, February 21, 2013

thursday threads [tales from online shopping part deux]

Thursday, February 21, 2013
you guys are in luck, because it's story time again!

i, have once again, been humbled by online shopping karma. [story of my life]. this time, it was all about the pixie jodhpur pants, and here is what happened.

enamored by how much i love my regular pixie pants, i decided [not having learned my lesson about ordering pants online] to order a pair of pixie jodhpur pants, online, without trying them on. since i was a 0 in the pixie, i assumed i was a 0 in the johdpur and placed my order during one target-less lunch break at work. i waited [im]patiently for my lovely pants with grand designs of wearing them on date night with some cute heels or something [i hadn't exactly thought that far out]. when the pants arrived, i pulled them out of their bag, took off the tag [idiot move] and put them in my closet [still not having tried them on]. when the designated saturday rolled around, i whipped out my little jodhpurs and wiggled in one, recently un-exercised leg at a time... 

...and they fit great!

until i turned around to examine the derriere and found a gaping hole in the seam. [of course]. 

after speaking with the fabulous people at j.crew, they apologized, and promptly promised to send me out another pair next day air. not bad for customer service.

i waited another 2 days for my new jodhpurs to arrive and when they did, i was anxious to inspect them immediately.

and guess what?

gaping hole in the buttox region. it's like i got the exact same pair of pants again [ones i had put in the return mail that morning]. 

at this point, it was like that scene from anchorman when baxter ate the whole wheel of cheese and ron burgundy couldn't even be mad because it was unbelievable. i wasn't even mad. there was an entire wheel of figurative cheese missing from the fridge and baxter had scarfed it down!

j.crew customer service was again, amazing, and overnighted me my now 3rd pair of jodhpurs which were examined carefully before even being tried on. 

but as the old saying goes, 3rd time's the charm! i present you with how i [finally] styled the j.crew jodhpur pixie pants: 

[target camo jacket, nordstrom rack black tee, j.crew pixie jodhpur pants, target wedge sneakers, louis vuitton accessories pouch]

[i call this my flamingo pose]

[the leather details give it a lil extra sumthin' sumthin']

[shhh... i'm hunting wabbits]

[striking a pose like a nice little fashion blogger]

i should just stop buying pants online, shouldn't i?


  1. LOL, I've had issues with J Crew too. I ordered a skirt (size 2), it was too big so I ordered a 0, they sent me a 6(?!) but were awesome and sent me the correct size and a $10 gift card. BTW, I have those wedge sneakers and am obsessed!

    To Hell In A Handbag

    1. aren't they just the best thing ever? they've become my go-to off-duty shoe!

  2. Personally, I've never had a problem with J Crew .. I ordered a lovely A line skirt and they sent it with no issues .. lucky me?


  3. THREE pants to get one without a hole!? That's crazy talk! Especially for J.Crew! But they were kinda worth the wait - those Pixies are fabulous.

    See Mo Go.

  4. Awww I'm glad the third pants worked out! But yeah... that's not cool when you have to keep sending back and wait for the new pair to arrive. I would be upset! >.<

    But they look darling on you and I LOVE those sneaker wedges from Target! I tried on a pair and I was doing this balancing act of putting them on while holding my purse it was a fun sight to see. But I ended up not getting them.. but now I kinda wanna go back and do!

    xo – Sheila
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  5. That what I call pant karma hahahaha. I am sorry Natalie but it was kinda fun reading it hahahaha, you have such a wonderful descriptive way of writing which I LAHAV :-)

    The things we do for fashion but it was worth the waiting those pants are AHHHHHHHHWESOME.

    Have a great weekend dear


    1. total pant karma! glad you enjoyed the post!!

  6. Hehehehehehe ... funny story. Though I am sure you did not find it funny then. But at least you got the right ones the third time! They look really good with your camo-jacket .. and love the flamingo pose :D

  7. Nice Pants... you are looking great in this outfit

  8. Love your style! Oh my gosh! I just found your blog and so glad I did!

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  12. I am addicted to online shopping. It's so convenient and I love waiting for the postman to deliver a box....but, don't like it when the thing I receive doesn't fit :(

  13. love your style! oh my gosh! i just found your blog and so glad i did!

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