Wednesday, February 13, 2013

wear it wednesday [prabal-y printed]

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
you guys, prabal gurung's collab with target came out on sunday [feb 10th] and i rushed right over that same day. i got there at 1pm. and my local target was already out of sizes. darn it. they also didn't have this sweater i was drooling over. [double darn it].

but i did score big with this amazing print dress that is perfect for spring. [wait, natalie, it's not spring yet...]

and winter, as you can see below, all it need is a pair of black tights, a blazer, and some bright red lips:

[h&m blazer - (love this one), prabal gurung for target drop waist dress, tights (old)]

 [h&m platform booties (still available in certain stores)]

 [a little curtsy for you fine readers. and don't freak out, i have double-jointed elbows]

i can't wait to style this bad-boy with some open-toe heels. these fabulous ones (also from prabal gurung for target) look like they might do the trick!

oh, and make sure you check on friday for my review of what i tried on of the prabal gurung for target collection!

pleated poppy
[oh, and a little wednesday link up!]


  1. I just saw that dress online last night and loved the print but thought the drop waist looked unflattering, but I was WRONG! What a gorgeous dress! And it looks like it was made for a blazer. Super cute!

  2. So cute!! I happened to be at Target on Sunday and looked at the collection and was underwhelmed with my Target's selection (as usual). But I love this dress on you! I swear my Target never gets anything good (aside from the knockoff Sorels I got - those were a score!). :)

    See Mo Go.

  3. That dress is Cute! I like how you 'winterized' it with the black tights .. :-)


  4. Love that dress! It looks great on you!


  5. I love this dress! I saw it yesterday at Target. All of the stuff was so cute.

    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  6. I have been trying to get my hands on this collection and its all sold out !
    I love this dress on you : )

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  7. Gorgeous dress! can't wait to check out this collection!

  8. You are the first blogger I'm seeing with an item from this collaboration! That floral dress is so pretty and perfect for Spring:)! Just found your blog...would you like to follow each other?

  9. The drop waist is SO flattering on you! I love the Prabal prints. So colorful, it's SO fun walking into Target now :-)


  10. I invested in this new dress, it is longer than expected, perfect to wear with heels. I couldn't tell in the photos but the dress has a slight train in the back which is very elegant.


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