Tuesday, April 30, 2013

oh and one more thing [spend/save]

Tuesday, April 30, 2013
who doesn't love these gorgeous silver/pvc pumps from manolo blahnik? [no one, that's who] but at a hefty $645 a pop, they're a little pricey for most of us normal people to just drop on a trendy shoe. [although emily of ivory lane makes a pretty convincing case that they're worth it here, here, and here.]

luckily, forever 21 came to the rescue and made this gorgeous shoe's twin, for so much less!



tuesday threads [a stroll to breakfast]

one of my absolute favorite things about our new house [apart from finally having one] is that it's located within walking distance to a tiny little town [think just main street] filled with little shops, restaurants, and diners. 

last weekend marked our second weekend at the house, and the second weekend we woke up on sunday morning for a quick stroll to this absolutely adorable little diner [it's been there since 1947] for breakfast. we found that this place filled up quick with locals wanting their corned beef hash [which is super delicious] and their famous home fries [equally as yummy]. there's this great atmosphere there. i could go back every sunday.

in fact, i think we'll make it our thing.

[and here's what i wore!]

[old navy paisley top (also seen here), hudson shorts (a score from marshalls), coconuts booties (dsw last year), h&m mini neon bag (old)]

 [kei jewelry tassel necklace]

 [just chillin' on a stump in our backyard - what? like you don't do that?]

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Monday, April 29, 2013

monday musings [coveting closets: aimee song]

Monday, April 29, 2013
needing no real introduction, [but if you must know, it's aimee song of song of style] this gorgeous blogger is one of my favs. her looks just make me want to jump into her closet and. take. everything.

since that's not happening [and would be totes weird], i'm coveting these beautiful things fro aimee's closet:

1) these heels

2) this top [you'll see how i feel about crochet later this week]

3) these floral pants

The Ultimate Floral

4) this celine bag [drool]

Subtle Blue Attack

5) this [so on-trend] black & white blazer [and those shorts too, while we're at it]

[all images via]

happy monday!

Friday, April 26, 2013

friday favs [blazer week: hot pink]

Friday, April 26, 2013
it's spring. it's friday. and that can only mean one thing: a hot pink blazer paired with a ridiculous maxi dress, killer platforms, poppin' clutch, & some sexy bling [obviously].

do you think they'll look at me funny if i go to home depot in this get-up this weekend? [you don't? excellent.]

friday favs [blazer week: hot pink]

[matthew williamson empire waist gown, zara wedge sandals, charlotte olympia clutch, maiyet owl bracelet. amrita singh earrings]

Thursday, April 25, 2013

thursday threads [blazer week: black & (neon) yellow]

Thursday, April 25, 2013
blazer week rounds the turn at high speed into thursday with this fun little combo i decided was totally work appropriate [it's not, unless i swap out the shoes. which. i. didn't. just call me corporate rebel!]

don't be alarmed, this isn't the same black blazer from tuesday, it's an entirely different black blazer. if you must know, i have 3 black blazers. but in my defense, they're different cuts & weights [who wants to wear a super heavy blazer in the summer? no one, that's who].

you see, you guys, bright yellow [the pants are way yellower in person] is completely doable at the office, as long as you pair it with toned-down pieces [such as this old navy striped tee & aforementioned black blazer]. bam.

[alright, good talk here are some pictures!]

 [h&m black blazer (in stores), old navy tee (in stores), gap pants (last season), target sandals (in stores), ae pendant necklace (old), louis vuitton neverfull]

p.s. follow me on instagram [@natalie_hodak] for a daily #ootd. [you know, if you want to see how many other ways i can wear ridiculous colors to the office.]

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

wear it wednesday [blazer week: white out]

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
[welcome to a super picture-heavy 'wear it wednesday' post.

today, it's all about my white blazer. and fedora. 

because who doesn't need a white blazer & fedora on hump day? [that's right, no one.]

[fedora (old), old navy tee (in stores), h&m blazer, gap ultra skinny pants, target sandals (in stores), louis vuitton neverfull, kei jewelry tassel necklace]

 [if you look hard enough, you can see paint on my toes. post-shower. sexy.]

 [oh, just being a weirdo]

[tada! a curtsy-bow for you all]

happy wednesday, you guys!

pleated poppy
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

oh and one more thing [back to 1922 with warby parker]

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
warby parker 1922

"1922 was a good year - maybe not for the legal liquor industry, but for pretty much everything else. james joyce published ulysses; t.s. eliot published the wastelandeugene o'neill won a pulitzer. louis armstrong moved to chicago. the dances were a hoot." -warby parker describing the inspirational year behind their newest collection

now, i know you've heard of warby parker by now. they're the eyewear brand that's revolutionizing the eyewear industry by being fashionable while still affordable - and best of all, leading the way for socially-conscious businesses by donating a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair sold. check out a little more about their story [it's kind of awesome, if you ask me].

their new collection is has such a distinct, current look while pulling in that cool, interwar glamour of the 1920s. 

the porter. wear the porter, and you'll be the life of the party.
the duke. jolly and carefree - good at the gin mill, great on the open road.
the joplin. adding a dash of cheer to any look.

i'm particularly enamored with the porter in whiskey tortoise [and as much of a sun-glass junkie as i am, you'll probably see me wearing them soon]!

so, as they say: living well is the best revenge. which is your favorite? 

tuesday threads [blazer week: classic black]

[moving/house tangent] holy moly, you guys, i'm tiiiiired. moving is exhausting [especially... everything about it]. but the hubby & i are finally in our new house & i couldn't be happier. it's our first home together [apartments don't count] & i love it! [and great news, all of the clothes i wear on a regular basis actually fit in the poor excuse of a closet in the master bedroom!]

[and now on to some clothes!]

i'd like to dedicate this week's outfit posts to the all-mighty blazer. i shall call it blazer week [that's like shark week, but no one gets eaten]. 

[...so anyways] lately, instead of a coat, i've been throwing on a blazer over my outfit & finding that it really finishes my look. 

you may remember how i wore this skirt before, & for today's look, i wanted the floral print to take center stage, so i kept the rest of the look super toned down with a plain black tee & a simple black blazer [such a wardrobe staple] to make it all appropriate [especially after i found out that the tee was a teensy bit sheer... at work... when i could clearly see my bra. way to set an example, natalie].

[h&m blazer (in stores), black tee (old), target skirt (old-last season), sole society wedge pumps, old navy necklace (in stores)]

 [all black from the back]

what's your go-to outfit finisher?

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Monday, April 22, 2013

monday musings [coveting closets: coachella]

Monday, April 22, 2013
i wish i went to coachella last weekend [instead i spent it moving into my new house! which, i guess, is a pretty sweet alternative. except for the moving part]. 

apart from the music [duh], i am head over heels for coachella fashion. in fact, i think i could be perfectly happy wearing a flower crown & denim cut-offs 24/7 [unfortunately, that's not "work appropriate"... lame].

with summer coming, my closet-hippie makes a bee-line for the flowy maxi dresses, short-shorts, & fedoras. so if i could shop the closets of coachella-goers, i would add the following to my summer attire:

1) this dress

[image via]

2) this flower crown

[image via]

3) this skirt

[image via] 

4) these shorts

[image via]

5) this entire look [drool]

[image via]

Friday, April 19, 2013

friday favs [moving chic + giveaway winner]

Friday, April 19, 2013
it's moving weekend! [yay!]

this means chaos, heavy lifting, lots of cleaning, and [my personal "favorite"] unpacking, so i'll need some comfy clothes to get me through the move. something like a comfy tee, some boyfriend jeans, sunnies, a pair of sandals that'll stay on [and keep my toesies free], and of course something to keep my hair out of my face [i've been really into head wraps lately!]

what would you wear to move [all of the stuff you can't believe you accumulated, not to mention stuffed into your tiny apartment]?

friday favs [moving chic]
[old navy top, gap petite boyfriend jeansrayban wayfarer sunglasseshead wrap, target sandals]

p.s. and the WINNER of the body shop beauty giveaway is...

valeri of the gold life blog

congrats, girl! email me [natalie@thesecondbestblog.com] your mailing addy, along with your b.b. cream shade & favorite lip gloss flavor!