Friday, April 12, 2013

oh and one more thing [5 things]

Friday, April 12, 2013
[not my actual hand. actually, that looks like a guys hand, doesn't it?]

my girl kate over at life sucks in a strapless bra [and fellow philly fabby!] tagged yours truly in the 5 things phenomenon taking over the interwebs [or um, you know, just the 5 things thing...] so here are mine!

1. i can wiggle my ears independently of each other. that's right, i can wiggle the left ear without moving the right and vice versa. [you're impressed, aren't you?]

2. i don't have a sweet-tooth. i do, however, have a major salt-tooth [is that a thing?] and have a terrible time saying 'no' to anything salty. [i would be totally happy with an actual block of salt, if you must know].

3. the only thing i really obsessed about for my wedding was the color of my nails. my self-diagnosed nail OCD causes me to always get the same color on toes and nails for my mani/pedi [sometimes, i do get all reckless and wear two different colors. but then i'm just slightly nervous until the next mani/pedi]. i wanted gel on my nails and regular polish on my toes. no one made the same gel/regular polish colors. after trying the 1 OPI shade that fit the bill and having it not work, i was distraught. until my manicurist suggested we do a regular color with gel topcoat. genius! it totally worked and the color lasted through the honeymoon. [and now you all think i'm weird].

4. i am terrified of rides that give you that 'stomach-drop' feeling. i will not get on roller coasters, towers of terror, viking swing boats, etc. my sister is the complete opposite & a total daredevil. while we were on a family vacation at universal studios, she rode the dueling dragons and even dragged my mom on some demonic looking tower that dropped you from way high up while my dad [who's with me on the whole roller coaster b/s] & i manned up and tried a kiddie coaster called 'the unicorn'. and it. was. awful. 

5. i never snoozed the alarm before i moved in with my now husband. now, i snooze a minimum of 3 times. [and it's all his fault].

sheila, mo, japolina, monica, & charissa... your turn!

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  1. Ahahaha this is so funny. No sweet tooth?!?! I need that pill. I have a sweet tooth AND a salt tooth. Not helpful!


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