Wednesday, April 10, 2013

oh and one more thing [let's talk tieks]

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

you guys, let's talk tieks

ever since i got my first pair in the mail, they've been my go-to flat [my tieks have seen soho, atlanta, and countless errands around the philly area]. 

not only are they incredibly well-made [think italian leathereach one by hand!], but they're also super-duper comfy and fold/fit into a little carrying bag that's so easy to throw in a purse!

they come in a plethora of amazing colors [i wish i had every one of them] and would you puh-lease look at those signature turquoise soles? 

worth every. single. penny.

my matte blacks go with just about everything, but as the weather warms up, i'm eyeing up the ballerina pink

what color tieks would you pick?


  1. Love the prints .. must give these some thought though .. kinda pricey .. but then again Italian Leather .. I may be picking up a pair :-)


  2. Love your Shoes!!!!!!

  3. Love your Tieks, I'm going to go with a basic black like yours, although a pink pair might be kinda fun as well. I like that they make them up to size 13 in most colors so us guys can also get in on the action.

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