Thursday, April 25, 2013

thursday threads [blazer week: black & (neon) yellow]

Thursday, April 25, 2013
blazer week rounds the turn at high speed into thursday with this fun little combo i decided was totally work appropriate [it's not, unless i swap out the shoes. which. i. didn't. just call me corporate rebel!]

don't be alarmed, this isn't the same black blazer from tuesday, it's an entirely different black blazer. if you must know, i have 3 black blazers. but in my defense, they're different cuts & weights [who wants to wear a super heavy blazer in the summer? no one, that's who].

you see, you guys, bright yellow [the pants are way yellower in person] is completely doable at the office, as long as you pair it with toned-down pieces [such as this old navy striped tee & aforementioned black blazer]. bam.

[alright, good talk here are some pictures!]

 [h&m black blazer (in stores), old navy tee (in stores), gap pants (last season), target sandals (in stores), ae pendant necklace (old), louis vuitton neverfull]

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