Tuesday, April 16, 2013

tuesday threads [a love letter to spring]

Tuesday, April 16, 2013
 [the following is a little love letter to the weather lately]

dearest spring,

thank you for stopping with all the [stupid] snow, the [annoying] rain, and the [bone-chilling] cold temperatures that made outfit pics [and going outside in general] difficult [along with making my mommy yell at me every time she saw me post a picture without my coat].

thank you for bringing the warm breezes, the sunshine, and allowing me to walk my dog for 2 miles every day in absolute comfort. 

i pray you forgive my pale skin [and especially casper-like legs] as i start to slowly shed some layers [finally] and bask in your springy-ness.

this chick in the shorts & fedora below

p.s. i'm so happy you're here that i don't care that i sneeze my head off all of april [flowering trees, you know!]

 [hub's fedora, h&m aztec sweatershirt (in some stores), ae shorts (really old)]

[target wedge sneakers, f21 sunglasses (old)]

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  1. HA HA! I feel you!

    Although, I don't mind the rain...

    The flooding though... That can go.

    The snow can stay away until Christmas.

    I love the fedora and sweatshirt paired with shorts!

    Shorts and sweatershirts/sweaters are one of my favorite combos...
    The sense of "inbetween seasons" makes it comforting in a way...


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