Monday, May 6, 2013

monday musings [currently craving: the tassel necklace]

Monday, May 6, 2013
gooooood morning, you guys. as you read this, i'm in minnesota attending a conference for work [oh the exotic places i get to go]. 

so while i'm trying to track down the best juicy lucy and attempting to navigate the inter-building walk ways [which are totally necessary october-march], i leave you with a particular item i'm super seriously craving - the tassel necklace.

1) this one 

[imaga via]

2) this one

[image via]

3) this one 
[image via]

4) this one
tassel necklace
[image via]

5) and most of all, this one. 

[image via]

i wouldn't mind this bad boy as well. [i wouldn't mind it at all.]

how do you feel about the all-mighty tassel? passing trend or stellar investment piece?


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