Tuesday, May 21, 2013

tuesday threads [distressed DIY]

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
i've always liked distressed denim [to the dismay of my grandmother who always wanted to "fix" my ripped jeans. and did once. i was not thrilled] and have owned many a pair that i've purchased already distressed [which i now realize was totally silly]. 

but ever since i saw julie sarinana in these vintage distressed shorts, i felt the bite of the distressed bug and decided to DIY my own. [that's right, i said DIY].

let me start off by saying that i'm so not DIY - i mean, i'm crafty and all, but - it's not really my cup of tea. so, spoiler alert, since i was successful in my distressing mission, you know this is easy-peasy. 

i did a little research on how to distress and all the tutorials had the same basic concept: 

  • get a pair of jeans [to cut into shorts] or shorts, 
  • something sharp to cut with, 
  • some sandpaper, and 
  • have access to a washer/dryer
step 1: get get jeans or shorts. if you get jeans and want them to be shorts, cut them into shorts [i wasn't brave enough for this step]. i went the slacker route and bought a pair of boyfriend shorts from h&m [lighter version seen here] a size bigger than i normally wear [for maximum bagginess]. 

step 2: use your sharp object [i opted for kitchen scissors] to make horizontal cuts in the shorts wherever you want them to be distressed. i did 2 sets of cuts on either side, making roughly 4 cuts per "section".

step 3: cut the pocket seams to help them fray. don't forget the back pockets! this particular pair was cuffed, so i cut the seam and uncuffed them.

step 4:  rub your seams and cuts with sandpaper. you don't have to go all crazy with this because the washer does most of your fraying for you.

step 5: throw those bad-boys in the washer. i threw mine in for 10 minutes and then let them air dry overnight [which didn't totally dry them, so i threw them in the dryer for 10 minutes that did the trick and doesn't mess up the fraying at all.] you should see the finished product when they come out of the washer and can make any necessary snips with your scissors if needed.

the finished product!

[and this is how i wore them]

pretty easy right? i think i'll be distressing a lot more stuff. [watch out, jeans, watch out!]

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  1. Cute. Jean shorts are the best!

    1. i have a feeling i'll be wearing them a lot this summer!

  2. I have to be honest here at first I though oh, how awful .. but .. OMG the shorts totally look good on !!

    Love 'em .. great DIY!


  3. They turned out really good!! I've distressed my own shorts before but not in this way. Might have to try it sometime! You look gorgeous, by the way. =)

    1. definitely give it a shot - it's natalie-proof so it's easy-peasy! thanks for stopping by!

  4. They look great on you! Very impressive DIY-ing :)


    1. thanks girl! i'm trying to branch out, haha!

  5. Congrats on your craftiness. Love your puppy participating in the background there!


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