Wednesday, May 1, 2013

wear it wednesday [panama crochet]

Wednesday, May 1, 2013
there are two things about this outfit i'm obsessing over recently - the hat & the crochet top.

first things first, i have been looking for a [reasonably priced] panama hat absolutely everywhere. i finally resolved to shell out the $58 to get the one at j.crew. that is until i happened upon the men's section at [none other than...] target! this beauty was just chillin' on the shelf next to some neglected fedoras and although it's a teensy bit big on me, for $16.99, i had found a winner!

second [and only in my excitement at finally finding this stinkin' hat] is this crochet top i picked up in h&m last week. i did promise that my inner hippie would come out when it got warmer, well, folks, here she is! she likes wavy hair, hats, ripped shorts, cute booties, and of course, crochet.

[target panama hat (men's section), h&m crochet top, h&m ripped shorts, coconuts booties (old dsw)]

 [totally awkward]

and great news! new neighbors to weird out with outfit pics!

pleated poppy
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