Wednesday, May 15, 2013

wear it wednesday [pretty blooms]

Wednesday, May 15, 2013
my mom has this amazing green thumb [the complete opposite of my black one] and every spring, the backyard [and front yard, and side yard] at my parents' house blooms like an enchanted garden. 

to celebrate mother's day, we spend the afternoon grilling [and by "we" i mean the hubs], eating, and hanging out with my parents among the pretty blooms.

this little seating area was just too perfect not to get some outfit shots in! [although i know you guys miss my blue deck. not to worry, there's always tomorrow.]

 [target blouse, loft jeans (old), foley & corinna city tote (similar), target sandals (in stores), aztec cuff (via nich boutique)]

  [meet cupid, mama's designer kitty - a scottish fold, pure bread, and a stone cold killa]

 [of my mom's 3 cats, this is the only one i'm not responsible for. woops.]

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