Friday, June 28, 2013

friday favs [4th of july fabulous]

Friday, June 28, 2013
what would the 4th be without a little red, white, and blue [and stripes, and wedges]?

friday favs [4th of july fabulous]

this 4th of july, i'll be at home with my hubs, in our new house, with my parents, and friends, grilling on our new grill, on our [blue] deck. and maybe checking out some fireworks boom-bang a big "happy birthday 'murica" when the sun goes down. [perfection.]

what are your plans?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

thursday tresses [the halo braid]

Thursday, June 27, 2013
i'm sort of obsessed with braids recently. i usually do the normal messy braid, i know how to waterfall, and i've learned how to fishtail, so i decided that i would learn how to do a halo braid. 

naturally, i took to pinterest tutorials but finally settled on a youtube video for my how-to. 

after about 17 attempts [and almost making us late to meet our friends], i finally did something that resembled a halo.

[disclaimer: i'm not very good yet!]

obviously i need more practice, but it kept all the hair off my face/neck and i was pretty pleased!

would you rock a halo braid?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

wear it wednesday [manayunk arts fest]

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
on sunday, the hubs and i braved the heat to meet some friends in manayunk for their annual arts fest.

it was supposed to be quite the warm and sunny day so i threw on my lightest tank top and my new favorite mother denim shorts, did my hair up in a [slightly very messy] halo braid [more on that tomorrow], and hoped for the best. 

[james perse tank via marshall's, mother denim shorts via marshall's, old navy braided belt, madewell drifter shades]

[i'm pretty obsessed with these shorts]

the arts fest itself was really awesome. talented artists stretched from the fire house to the brew pub [where we enjoyed a delicious lunch]. 

free samples were everywhere and after trying the morningstar meatless grillers [umm, delish], hubby and i dominated the bean bag toss [aka cornhole] to win some free coupons [score!]

here are some of my favorites:

[the middle bunny pillow came home with me]

[gorgeous handmade necklaces. and check out the clip-board displays. extra points for creativity]

[this was a make-your-own scarf booth! basically, you throw a bunch of fabric paint into the vat, make your design, and pull a scarf through. the design stays on the scarf and after drying, you have a custom piece! unfortunately, the line to do it was wayyy too long or else i'd own one right now]

[stevie lynn jewelry was a big favorite of mine.  she makes hand-cut acrylic jewelry. and i can't get over that green! check her out at her etsy shop!]

[in fact, i came home with this gorgeous bracelet]

all in all [even with the hot sun and sweating all around] it was another great arts fest!

pleated poppy
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p.s. you see my tank top? i now have the tan line to prove i was wearing it. wear sunscreen, you guys!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

tuesday threads [beachin']

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
oh my goodness, it's only tuesday.

but this tuesday it's ok because i'm half-way done my work week and headed to the beach on friday! [or as we say in the philly area "down the shore"].

this means two things 1) i get to see my favorite college friends and 2) i have to pack light, "beachy" items to take with me. so this past weekend, i started reviewing my options and have decided that on top of the usual bathing suits, cover-ups, flip-flops, and a cute dress [or 3], i just want to be wearing this outfit all weekend. it's beachin'! [go ahead, groan.]

[nordstrom rack chambray top, h&m crochet shorts (in stores), madewell drifter shades]

[serious model face]

i mean, how can you go wrong with crochet short-shorts? [hint: you can't.]

Monday, June 24, 2013

currently craving [summer denim]

Monday, June 24, 2013
somehow, over the past few summers, my collection of shorts tripled in size. this was pretty surprising because i'd never been much of a shorts girl [what with short little legs like mine] but i'm so glad i changed my mind because lately, i just can't get enough of the denim variety.

to get you through another monday [and heck, the rest of the summer], here are the denim shorts you should have in your closet [but not in triplicate like me, one of each is just fine] and i'm currently craving:

1) the white pair. i prefer the ones from the gap because of the fit and slight stretch. these will go with basically everything for your off-duty summer looks.


2) the rolled-up pair. which, if cheap enough, you can distress and have them look just like the high-end pairs that go for over $150. [or, you know, you can keep them as is]. 


3) the colored pair. i like the fun blues. but also own a pair of magical hot-pink shorts. [magical because they fit perfectly and surprisingly go with lots of stuff.]

[joe's via shop bop]

4) the fun-pocket pair. these mother cut-offs have really awesome front-pocket detail that's just a little different. [quick side note: i got this exact pair at marshall's for $50. not the $155 they retail for!]

[mother via revolve clothing]

5) the overalls. i'm dying to try this come-back trend and h&m has the exact low-cost pair i'd like to try it with.


which one of these is your summer denim shorts style?

Friday, June 21, 2013

friday favs [finger candy]

Friday, June 21, 2013
friday favs [finger candy]

knuckles, tubes, & cuffs, oh my!

that's exactly how i feel when i look at the sleek and simple ring trend i keep seeing on my favorite fashionistas. 

...specifically, the knuckle-ring trend really resonates with me because, well, i have long said that the tops of our fingers don't get enough bedazzling action [ok, not really, but it sounds good doesn't it?

i took to etsy [of course] to inexpensively test out this fun little trend and got my knuckle rings and cuff from the galisfly shop. [i'm super pleased with them!]

what do you guys think of my new finger candy? would you rock it?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

oh and one more thing [liebster part deux]

Thursday, June 20, 2013

another liebster! miss danielle who blogs over at a little bit of wo. we.  nominated me [thanks girl!] and i figured, heck, it's been like 2 seconds since i've shared random stuff about me so let's do this!

[and now the randomness]

5 things about me:
1. i don't like to wear sunglasses when driving to work in the morning. no matter how sunny it is. i don't know why. [it's weird, i know].

2. i will not drink milk when it's past the sell-by date. don't even try to make me. and yes, i know it's still ok to drink. just not for me.

3. i love to sing at the top of my lungs in the car. at home. to my dog [in fact, i make up songs   to sing to him on a daily basis], but i'm quite terrible. [the only "person" who liked my singing was my parakeet richie, it was the only way i could coax him back into his cage].

4. i am addicted to bad reality tv. [except for the real housewives series] bravo & tlc can do no wrong [i mean, princesses of long island? sign me up for that train wreck, please!]

5. since i wear a lot of white, i have an extensive collection of beige/tan bras [sexy, i know] because i typically hate when you can see the bra through the white shirt [unless you know, it's the on-purposes neon-bra look]. tmi?

questions from danielle:
1. what is your most embarrassing childhood memory?
in grade school i was the lead in a russian-language play [and if that's not embarrassing enough] where i completely forgot the words and ended up laughing uncomfortably for 30 seconds until the line came back to me. [30 seconds is a loooong time].

2. what is the best book you've ever read and why?
i literally cannot narrow it down to just one. lately i've been comparing stuff to the game of thrones books by george r.r. martin. [because they're awesome and i'm a dork].

3. which one of your family members are you the most like?
probably my dad. when i was growing up, everyone said i looked just like my mama but had my dad's exact personality. i call both of those pretty awesome compliments!

4. what's the best trip you've ever taken?
i studied abroad in barcelona for a semester in college. that is, by far, the best trip [or series of awesome trips gallivanting around europe] ever.

5. worst fashion trend? best fashion trend?
i'm really anti the whole hi-lo thing. especially with dresses. i just can't. but the best fashion trend i would have to say is the comeback of the midi. even if i can't quite pull it off [because of my being height-challenged] i think it's sexy. in a super modest way. [as in, you like-a my ankles?]

thanks again for the nom, d! if you guys have a second, go check out her blog! [she's hilarious, and i love her looks!]

now i'm going to jazz things up a bit - instead of nominating people, why don't you, my lovely reader, leave me a fun fact about yourself in the comments! [what do you think? fun game? great! let the commenting commence!]

thursday tales [dog shaming]

the other day, the hubby and i discovered something about our dog. something we couldn't believe until we saw it with our own two eyes. 

you see, you guys, we found out last week that beau has been "watering" our tomato plants.

how did we discover this disturbing development, you may ask? [or if you don't, i'm still going to tell you]. 

it was just another saturday afternoon. the hubby and i had just returned from a day of thrifting/target/random-married-saturdayness and let our beloved pooch out in the backyard before heading back out for further thrifting/target/random-married-saturdayness. 

if you know beau, you know that he 1) will not go outside in the rain and 2) he is picky go-er. and since we've moved to the new house [basically purchased for the large, fenced backyard for our pup] he's been wary of the backyard [other than to protect it from our perfectly normal neighbor, poor guy]. 

on this particular saturday, both the hubby and i were out back as we let beau out and watched, in slow-motion horror, as he bounded over the expanse of a perfectly good yard to the carefully tilled garden [that my hubby proudly planted the weekend before], sniffed a moment, lifted his leg, and peed on the most promising of our tomato plants.

the look on jason's face was pretty priceless. [and i couldn't stop laughing].

so dog-shame on you, beau, you silly little puppy [although you made your mom laugh preeeeeee-tty hard] you can bet your butt we'll be putting up a fence around our garden. 

p.s. anyone care for a tomato?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

wear it wednesday [the pajama equivalent]

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
with the arrival of my j.j. winters fringe bag 2 weeks ago, i had all the necessary items to put together this outfit i knew i wanted to create the second i picked up these silk ombre pants at h&m in april. [jackpot!]

that day, we ended up going to two little local festivals, a beer distributor, a graduation party, dinner, and [of course] target. and this was basically the equivalent of wearing pajamas all day. i highly recommend it!

[gap tank, h&m silk pants, madewell drifter shades, target panama hat (men's section)]

 [j.j. winters fringe bag]

  [sandals (old)]

  [ae & j.crew necklaces (old)]

 [let's be weird]

it may have felt like i was wearing pajamas, but i should probably start brushing my hair before pictures so it doesn't look like i literally rolled out of bed, right?

[...or maybe that's what hats are for!]

pleated poppy
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

tuesday threads [oh, boyfriend]

Tuesday, June 18, 2013
i did it. after literally years of searching, i finally found non-see-through white jeans. at old navy of all places! 

they were my unicorn - that elusive item of clothing i couldn't ever quite find - so when i finally got my butt into these boyfriend-fit white beauties, i was a happy camper.

while white jeans basically go with everything, i opted to throw on a blue-checkered j.crew button down [and tie it at the waist for a little girlie touch] for a[n otherwise] very boyish look. 

[j.crew checkered shirt (old), old navy boyfriend fit jeans]

 [old navy belt (in stores)]

 [zara sandals]

[me, being awkward]

oh, boyfriend!