Monday, June 24, 2013

currently craving [summer denim]

Monday, June 24, 2013
somehow, over the past few summers, my collection of shorts tripled in size. this was pretty surprising because i'd never been much of a shorts girl [what with short little legs like mine] but i'm so glad i changed my mind because lately, i just can't get enough of the denim variety.

to get you through another monday [and heck, the rest of the summer], here are the denim shorts you should have in your closet [but not in triplicate like me, one of each is just fine] and i'm currently craving:

1) the white pair. i prefer the ones from the gap because of the fit and slight stretch. these will go with basically everything for your off-duty summer looks.


2) the rolled-up pair. which, if cheap enough, you can distress and have them look just like the high-end pairs that go for over $150. [or, you know, you can keep them as is]. 


3) the colored pair. i like the fun blues. but also own a pair of magical hot-pink shorts. [magical because they fit perfectly and surprisingly go with lots of stuff.]

[joe's via shop bop]

4) the fun-pocket pair. these mother cut-offs have really awesome front-pocket detail that's just a little different. [quick side note: i got this exact pair at marshall's for $50. not the $155 they retail for!]

[mother via revolve clothing]

5) the overalls. i'm dying to try this come-back trend and h&m has the exact low-cost pair i'd like to try it with.


which one of these is your summer denim shorts style?


  1. I really like white denim for the summer, but I really like the fun pocket one you posted. Super cute!

  2. I like the color denim shorts and I'm cringing about the 'come back' of overalls .. bleck. LoL.


  3. Annnnd now I want to go buy more denim shorts :) So cute!

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