Thursday, June 20, 2013

oh and one more thing [liebster part deux]

Thursday, June 20, 2013

another liebster! miss danielle who blogs over at a little bit of wo. we.  nominated me [thanks girl!] and i figured, heck, it's been like 2 seconds since i've shared random stuff about me so let's do this!

[and now the randomness]

5 things about me:
1. i don't like to wear sunglasses when driving to work in the morning. no matter how sunny it is. i don't know why. [it's weird, i know].

2. i will not drink milk when it's past the sell-by date. don't even try to make me. and yes, i know it's still ok to drink. just not for me.

3. i love to sing at the top of my lungs in the car. at home. to my dog [in fact, i make up songs   to sing to him on a daily basis], but i'm quite terrible. [the only "person" who liked my singing was my parakeet richie, it was the only way i could coax him back into his cage].

4. i am addicted to bad reality tv. [except for the real housewives series] bravo & tlc can do no wrong [i mean, princesses of long island? sign me up for that train wreck, please!]

5. since i wear a lot of white, i have an extensive collection of beige/tan bras [sexy, i know] because i typically hate when you can see the bra through the white shirt [unless you know, it's the on-purposes neon-bra look]. tmi?

questions from danielle:
1. what is your most embarrassing childhood memory?
in grade school i was the lead in a russian-language play [and if that's not embarrassing enough] where i completely forgot the words and ended up laughing uncomfortably for 30 seconds until the line came back to me. [30 seconds is a loooong time].

2. what is the best book you've ever read and why?
i literally cannot narrow it down to just one. lately i've been comparing stuff to the game of thrones books by george r.r. martin. [because they're awesome and i'm a dork].

3. which one of your family members are you the most like?
probably my dad. when i was growing up, everyone said i looked just like my mama but had my dad's exact personality. i call both of those pretty awesome compliments!

4. what's the best trip you've ever taken?
i studied abroad in barcelona for a semester in college. that is, by far, the best trip [or series of awesome trips gallivanting around europe] ever.

5. worst fashion trend? best fashion trend?
i'm really anti the whole hi-lo thing. especially with dresses. i just can't. but the best fashion trend i would have to say is the comeback of the midi. even if i can't quite pull it off [because of my being height-challenged] i think it's sexy. in a super modest way. [as in, you like-a my ankles?]

thanks again for the nom, d! if you guys have a second, go check out her blog! [she's hilarious, and i love her looks!]

now i'm going to jazz things up a bit - instead of nominating people, why don't you, my lovely reader, leave me a fun fact about yourself in the comments! [what do you think? fun game? great! let the commenting commence!]

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  1. You deserve it. Congrats. I think I have given you one, also. =)


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