Thursday, June 20, 2013

thursday tales [dog shaming]

Thursday, June 20, 2013
the other day, the hubby and i discovered something about our dog. something we couldn't believe until we saw it with our own two eyes. 

you see, you guys, we found out last week that beau has been "watering" our tomato plants.

how did we discover this disturbing development, you may ask? [or if you don't, i'm still going to tell you]. 

it was just another saturday afternoon. the hubby and i had just returned from a day of thrifting/target/random-married-saturdayness and let our beloved pooch out in the backyard before heading back out for further thrifting/target/random-married-saturdayness. 

if you know beau, you know that he 1) will not go outside in the rain and 2) he is picky go-er. and since we've moved to the new house [basically purchased for the large, fenced backyard for our pup] he's been wary of the backyard [other than to protect it from our perfectly normal neighbor, poor guy]. 

on this particular saturday, both the hubby and i were out back as we let beau out and watched, in slow-motion horror, as he bounded over the expanse of a perfectly good yard to the carefully tilled garden [that my hubby proudly planted the weekend before], sniffed a moment, lifted his leg, and peed on the most promising of our tomato plants.

the look on jason's face was pretty priceless. [and i couldn't stop laughing].

so dog-shame on you, beau, you silly little puppy [although you made your mom laugh preeeeeee-tty hard] you can bet your butt we'll be putting up a fence around our garden. 

p.s. anyone care for a tomato?


  1. Haha this post really made me laugh! I can't believe out of the whole garden he chose to pee all over your plants! You do have a very cute looking dog though - he's gorgeous despite his antics!
    Much love, Sarah x

  2. Rofl .. ah, well .. we have a boy dog as well and we put the tomato plants in a raised, wood containers. Guess you'll be assembling some of those next year.


  3. OMG bad Beau! Your poor hubby ha!



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