Thursday, June 6, 2013

thursday tirade

Thursday, June 6, 2013
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[i usually like to keep this light on here, but uh, here goes...]

i recently had the unfortunate luck of reading a blog post about one blogger's dislike that other fashion bloggers are going over their budgets or spending soooo much on a particular item that really got my blood boiling. 

let me explain.

for a lot of us [well, at least it is for me] fashion blogging is a creative outlet where we choose to share things [as trivial as clothes and shoes and bags may be] we're excited about with others. 

we're not showing off [ok, maybe a little], we're not twisting your arm to go get theexactsamethingnow! [although some of us may be compensated for promoting certain items], we're simply sharingwe're making you aware of something new, some cool thing we discovered, something interesting and fun

if you don't have a bazillion dollars to spend on a handbag, don't! [i don't. if i did, i'd sure as heck would have a lot more chanels. or you know, at least one!no one's making you. 

i come to the fashion blog-o-sphere to get inspiration from others [and i hope to give that back with my blog], to find new brands and trends, a great new sale, or a great new way to wear an article of clothing. it makes me happy to see someone else enjoying an item enough to share it with others. call me idealistic.

if i want to buy something that i can afford that'll make me happy, i do it. and i in no way, shape, or form feel pressured to do so by other bloggers. i just bought the joie palm leaf print blazer i really, really wanted. so there. [btw, spoiler alert! palm-leaf print blazer outfit coming to thesecondbestblog near YOU!]

there's so, so much negativity out there in the world that sometimes, a little [responsible] frivolity is necessary. 

[now i'm getting off my soap-box and going to read some perfectly lovely fashion blogs.]


  1. I definitely bloggers need to live within their means...just like you said. I also enjoy looking at other fashion bloggers and getting inspiration! It takes a lot to put yourself out there, and I'm glad there are people that do!

  2. This is so well said...and I love all the inspiration I get from other fashion bloggers :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. Yeah, I don't really care who buys what. I follow blogs that I like and people who are real.

    Congrats on the new blazer! A reasonable expensive blazer is an investment and will fit you sooooom much better than any blazer you could pick up at H&M or Zara's.

    Looking forward to your palm leaf blazer post!


  4. In my opinion, the blogging world is huge. If people bumped into a blog that doesn't meet their interests or beliefs, they should just move on and look for blogs that do. There's room for everybody & every topic on planet earth. I personally enjoy a bunch of things, including fashion & people that share styling ideas. Thank you for sharing your lovely outfits :)

  5. nice...


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