Thursday, June 27, 2013

thursday tresses [the halo braid]

Thursday, June 27, 2013
i'm sort of obsessed with braids recently. i usually do the normal messy braid, i know how to waterfall, and i've learned how to fishtail, so i decided that i would learn how to do a halo braid. 

naturally, i took to pinterest tutorials but finally settled on a youtube video for my how-to. 

after about 17 attempts [and almost making us late to meet our friends], i finally did something that resembled a halo.

[disclaimer: i'm not very good yet!]

obviously i need more practice, but it kept all the hair off my face/neck and i was pretty pleased!

would you rock a halo braid?


  1. You are so Adorable. Loving the Braid and the Glasses & yesterday's Cute Summer Outfit.

    Check out what I am up to, lately.

    Enjoy the Weekend, Ada. =)


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