Wednesday, June 26, 2013

wear it wednesday [manayunk arts fest]

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
on sunday, the hubs and i braved the heat to meet some friends in manayunk for their annual arts fest.

it was supposed to be quite the warm and sunny day so i threw on my lightest tank top and my new favorite mother denim shorts, did my hair up in a [slightly very messy] halo braid [more on that tomorrow], and hoped for the best. 

[james perse tank via marshall's, mother denim shorts via marshall's, old navy braided belt, madewell drifter shades]

[i'm pretty obsessed with these shorts]

the arts fest itself was really awesome. talented artists stretched from the fire house to the brew pub [where we enjoyed a delicious lunch]. 

free samples were everywhere and after trying the morningstar meatless grillers [umm, delish], hubby and i dominated the bean bag toss [aka cornhole] to win some free coupons [score!]

here are some of my favorites:

[the middle bunny pillow came home with me]

[gorgeous handmade necklaces. and check out the clip-board displays. extra points for creativity]

[this was a make-your-own scarf booth! basically, you throw a bunch of fabric paint into the vat, make your design, and pull a scarf through. the design stays on the scarf and after drying, you have a custom piece! unfortunately, the line to do it was wayyy too long or else i'd own one right now]

[stevie lynn jewelry was a big favorite of mine.  she makes hand-cut acrylic jewelry. and i can't get over that green! check her out at her etsy shop!]

[in fact, i came home with this gorgeous bracelet]

all in all [even with the hot sun and sweating all around] it was another great arts fest!

pleated poppy
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p.s. you see my tank top? i now have the tan line to prove i was wearing it. wear sunscreen, you guys!


  1. I didn't know you were near Manayunk! I went to Villanova and a bunch of my friends lived there for years :) The festival looks so fun, and I love your yellow tank!

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Yup, a bunny pillow would have come home with me too! Those are CUTE!


  3. LOVE how you did your hair! It's perfect for hot summer days! xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  4. I love the custom scarf idea! Maybe we can convince them to show a few bloggers a special demo!



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