Wednesday, June 19, 2013

wear it wednesday [the pajama equivalent]

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
with the arrival of my j.j. winters fringe bag 2 weeks ago, i had all the necessary items to put together this outfit i knew i wanted to create the second i picked up these silk ombre pants at h&m in april. [jackpot!]

that day, we ended up going to two little local festivals, a beer distributor, a graduation party, dinner, and [of course] target. and this was basically the equivalent of wearing pajamas all day. i highly recommend it!

[gap tank, h&m silk pants, madewell drifter shades, target panama hat (men's section)]

 [j.j. winters fringe bag]

  [sandals (old)]

  [ae & j.crew necklaces (old)]

 [let's be weird]

it may have felt like i was wearing pajamas, but i should probably start brushing my hair before pictures so it doesn't look like i literally rolled out of bed, right?

[...or maybe that's what hats are for!]

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