Monday, July 15, 2013

currently craving [shopbevel]

Monday, July 15, 2013
happy monday, you guys! i bet you want to know why i'm so chipper on a monday morning, right? [if not, i'm telling you anyways!]

first off, check out my sweet new neon spike bracelets.

second, i want to introduce you to where they came from, an amazing new concept in jewelry - shopbevel!

shopbevel partners with independent designers to market their jewelry but only the jewelry designs that the shopbevel community members [that's you and me] vote for! i love this concept because it allows the consumers to vote on what they want, before any major production, and creates an exciting level of competition for the designers [and competition fosters a better product, i always say]. as a former business student, i love the concept! [in fact, shopbevel was the brain child of a stanford graduate school of business student, courtney mccolgan. you go girl!]

so let's see; shopbevel is a site that has talented designers compete with their amazing jewelry designs, allows for community members to vote on the winners, and have i mentioned the prices are so affordable? i smell a winning combination.

here's what i'm currently craving:

1) edgy rhinestone rib necklace [which i sadly out of stock]

Edgy Rhinestone Rib Necklace

2) crossroad rings


3) emerald glitter rhinestone earrings

Emerald Glitter Rhinestone Earrings

4) wooden elephant bangle

Wooden Elephant Bangle

5) meihui necklace [i'm really obsessed with this one]

Meihui Necklace

but wait! there's more!

shopbevel is giving you guys a 25% off discount through the end of july! just use the code BBSTUDS upon checkout.

see, happy monday indeed!

[this is a sponsored post but all reviews and opinions are my own. and i seriously want that meihui necklace]

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