Friday, July 26, 2013

friday favs [MAKE UP FOR EVER]

Friday, July 26, 2013

i first discovered MAKE UP FOR EVER through their amazing primer line at sephora, then through an HD high definition powder sample i happened to receive. i loved both products [sometimes the primer would be the only thing i'd put on my face before leaving the house] so when i was given the opportunity to preview their new boutique at the king of prussia mall [already a place i use any and all excuses to visit], i jumped at the chance.

and yesterday, i was not disappointed.

the new boutique is the brand's first freestanding shop in pennsylvania and its 5th store in the U.S. and is located on the upper level a little past lord & taylor [and within eyesight of tiffany's... ahem]. when i arrived, i was given the grand tour of the wonderful lines. from their HD complexion products to their gorgeous aqua eyes shadows [that won't crease!], the store boasts 1,600 products in nearly every color imaginable [including special FX items used on sets of some of the most popular TV shows - ahem - cough - true blood! - cough]. i think there were 70 different types of glitter. [GLITTER!] so overall it was pretty amazing. it's designed to be reminiscent of a backstage environment set in an industrial space, complete with studio make up stations and lighting.


i also had the opportunity to get my makeup done by one of their wonderful makeup artists. i learned the "war paint" method of putting on foundation and actual contouring techniques that made my cheekbones pop! i opted for a natural look [and having shown up with absolutely no cover up on my face post a long day at work] i loved how transformed i was after my makeover. i even walked out with the aqua cream, sculpting kit, and [of course] a new lip gloss.

["war paint"]

[BAM! i look good]

you can easily get my experience too because the MAKE UP FOR EVER king of prussia boutique will be offering a series of interactive, personalized makeup sessions to educate members on the application techniques and how to achieve specific looks. the MAKE UP FOR EVER artists will do one half of your face and then help you to do the other so you're actually learning how to get the look on your own. these make up school lessons will range from $50 to $100, and each lesson purchase is partially redeemable in product valued half the cost of the lesson. you can choose from focused lessons highlighting one particular feature, or build a custom lesson!

another thing i was blown away by at the MAKE UP FOR EVER boutique was their video makeup lesson recording studio [yes, you read that right, recording studio!]. you can record your own personalized lesson with one of the MAKE UP FOR EVER pro artists and take it home with you on one of their custom USB drives [which look like lipsticks, btw. so chic] for $15 [with the purchase of a lesson].

[video make up lesson recording studio light]

and guess what the best part of all of this is? they open TODAY! so get your butt down to king of prussia mall this weekend and check out this amazing new place to see, try, and experience this gorgeous make up line!

[disclaimer: while i was given product samples, all opinions are my own.]


  1. I have never owned anything from "Make up Forever," but now I think I'm missing out!

  2. How awesome! I love Makeup Forever esp. their aqua cream shadows (those say put!) .. Also what a fun experience .. I'm rather jealous ;-)


  3. I LOVE that you can record the lesson. I was just thinking how fab that would be when I got my makeup done at Sephora. Great blog Natalie!



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