Tuesday, July 9, 2013

tuesday threads [romp on]

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

i picked up this little silk number at a banana republic outlet store 100 years ago [exaggerating of course] and haven't looked back since. it miraculously still fits [do you have that one item of clothing that magically fits no matter how much you fluctuate up and down? for me, it's this romper] and i wore it out to dinner with friends on saturday.

needless to say, i'm pretty happy it survived last year's "let's spill stuff on my silk romper" incident [thank goodness for dry cleaners] and my moving style [aka let's throw stuff into cardboard boxes and leave it in the basement for months].

[banana republic outlet silk romper (old)]

[target horn necklace (in stores), vertical bar necklace (via local flea market), horizontal bar necklace]

[louis vuitton bag, coach sandals (old via marshall's/t.j.maxx)]

[knuckle rings (via galisfly on etsy), horizontal bar ring (via local flea market)]

[and a gratuitous picture of beau-muffin]

romp on!

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  1. Rompers are so cute! Love the pleats at the shoulder.

    Our tomatoes are finally starting to turn red :-)


  2. What a cute outfit! Love the one shoulder detail and the color!!

    I'm thinking of featuring you on my blog soon, along with my other fashion favorites!! I'll let you know once that is live. :)


    1. thanks abby! and thank you for thinking of me for your fashion favorites feature! can't wait to see it :)


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