Friday, August 16, 2013

friday favs [the great red blazer search]

Friday, August 16, 2013
friday favs [the great red blazer search]
red is sure to be a hot color [and neutral!] for fall/winter and i have been on the lookout for a great red blazer most of this summer, but i'm sad to report that i haven't been able to find anything that lives up to my expectations [without spending $600+]. 

i pulled the trigger on this urban outfitters boyfriend style last week, but while it lived up to my fit expectations, it was more of a burgundy. and i need red dammit!

so what exactly am i looking for? basically this blazer needs to be:

1) red [duh. and i mean a true red, none of this burgundy bullshit]
2) have long sleeves [no 3/4 for me, thanks]
3) be more of a boyfriend fit [nothing that hits at my waist]
4) slim
5) no weird buttons/lapels/etc. [and it needs a collar. collarless scares me.]

there you have it. i don't think it's too much to ask for, but it seems like the [affordable] red blazer of my dreams isn't out there. 

or is it? have you guys run across my dream blazer? don't you want to let me know where i can get it? yes you do! email me or leave me a comment.

[and if you indeed found my dream blazer i will love you forever and probably gush about you in a post with said red blazer. pretty good deal, right?]

p.s. and the WINNER of the fluff apparel "save the day" tank giveaway is... 

jessie holeva

congratulations! send me an email [] with your addy and i'll get your prize out to you right away!


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