Thursday, September 5, 2013

thursday tales [gone fishing]

Thursday, September 5, 2013
over labor day weekend, the hubs and i went out to visit his family in western PA. it was a weekend of campfires, gram's cooking, football, playing with nieces and nephews, and fishing. [yes, fishing]. 

you didn't know i was an avid fisherwoman, did you? [although, avid may be a slight exaggeration].

jason's [oh, that's the hubs] dad got a new [speed!] fishing boat a while back, and i've been dying to get on it. there's nothing like gliding across the water on a lake with the wind in your hair [trying to keep your jacket from flying away]. no, but in all seriousness, i really like it.

[there's a point here, i promise].

so sunday morning, we get out to the lake and make our way to some prime fishing spots that my FIL wants to check out before his fishing tourney in two weekends. i, of course, need a slight refresher course in how to cast and reel in my line and spend the first two spots perfecting my underhand pendulum cast [this is how you know i'm legit, people] before switching to my more preferred overhead cast where i can send my little sparkly worm bait [the bait is my favorite part] flying out toward the bank where the fish are [all the while coaxing the fish on with a little "here, fishy fishy fishy". i swear they like that]. 

after reeling in a few pieces of seaweed and a lovely looking stick, i get to chatting with my FIL about his tourney when, all of a sudden, i feel a non-seaweed/stick tug at my line. 

"oh my god, something's pulling!" i exclaim, stunned.

"well, reel it in!" answers my FIL, chuckling.

i proceed to fight with my catch for a second or two before reeling in this ferocious, freshwater monster of a fish [my first ever!]:

[i didn't want to put my finger in its mouth so my FIL held it for me as i held the tail... which was super slimy. ick].

[don't act like you're not impressed].

it turns out that i was not only the first one to get a fish, but because of the abundance of labor day boat traffic that morning [or because my fish told the other fish to beware when we threw it back], i was to be the only one of us to reel one in. 

it was a blast!

anyone care to go fishing?

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  1. Haha!!! Girl that is awesome! Congrats on catching your first monster of a fish! You are one avid fisherwoman:)!


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