Tuesday, September 17, 2013

tuesday threads [maternity jeans... are da bomb]

Tuesday, September 17, 2013
so uh, dropped a little bomb on you guys last week, huh? and by "bomb" i mean my awesome news! 

news like that brings joy, happiness, tears [happy ones, and mostly from to to-be grandparents], a little bit of fear [because well, this is all new to me and my husband], and of course, clothing challenges [c'mon, you saw that coming from a fashion blogger]! 

what i hope to do is share with you interesting/clever/resourceful ways to make clothes last throughout pregnancy [as i navigate it myself] and what maternity stuff is actually pretty good to invest in. 

as soon as i found out i was pregnant, i clearly started reading maternity style blogs and literally marveled at how awesome these ladies looked and how they kept insisting they were wearing their non-maternity clothes well into the third trimester. that may be all well and good for tops [since i tend to like loose and billow-y], but bottoms? let's talk about those...

today, i'm 14 weeks and 3 days [in my second trimester] and i feel pretty good! since i've always been a wiiiiiiiittle bit bottom heavy [oh, and instead of exercising i slept for the past 2.5 months], the first thing to "go" for me were pants. [i'm not going to blame my childbearing hips because well, these suckers will come in handy in about 6 months for the uh, child bearing]. 

so confession time! for the past month or so i've been wearing dresses/skirts to work and my oversized, diy distressed pair of h&m shorts at home [and they're getting a bit snug]. so when i had a glimpse of fall last week, i broke down and ran to h&m and a pea in the pod [both of which were having sales] and bought me some PANTS. 

i got 2 pairs of jeans from h&m [size up, ladies, their sizes are small to begin with] which were buy 1 get 1 50% off and 2 pairs of stretchy colored jean-ish leggings from a pea in a pod [at their end of summer sale]. and apart from probably getting a pair of maternity work pants [or two] and stock up on cheap old navy maternity leggings [because i hear they're heavenly], i think i'm all set for my pants situation throughout the fall/winter.

unless of course my butt gets bigger. [stay tuned!]

or my beloved j.crew pixie pants don't fit and i'm forced to buy the maternity version [yes, there's a blessed maternity version]! 

anywho... here's my first pair of maternity jeans [full panel, folded down]. and they're lovely.

[tucker for target blouse (old), h&m maternity skinny mama jeans, dooney & bourke bag (similar), rag & bone harrow boots]

p.s. thank you guys for all the love for baby hodak! 

p.p.s. and the winner of the blog-a-versary giveaway is audrey b! send me an email [natalie@thesecondbestblog.com] with your addy and what store you want your gift card from! thanks for following!!

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