Thursday, October 24, 2013

thursday threads [distressed DIY: take 2]

Thursday, October 24, 2013
we [hubs, me, and baby hodak] had our half-way ultrasound on monday. other than my immediately yelling "we don't want to know the sex!" at the poor ultrasound tech, we had a great time checking out the little one's progress as he/she hammed it up for us. at one point, the baby was waving its hand in front of its face as if to say "no pictures, please!" and then in another shot, the baby was full-on holding its nose like something smelled [or was doing the alternate nostril breathing like a good little future yogi, haha]! 

it's funny. there are days when life's little annoyances, stupidity, arguments, troubles at work and what-not make me angry or upset. and then i get to see my baby's face on the ultrasound screen and everything gets put into perspective and brings me so much peace. it really is incredible and i'm thankful every day for my little [growing] family, my amazing support system. i love you all.

and now on to some pictures that have nothing to do with the above [because no, i'm not posting pictures of the inside of my uterus, thanks]. 

[h&m open-front cardigan, h&m white tee (in stores), madewell scarf (old), h&m boyfriend jeans (DIY distressed), converse chucks, stella mccartney falabella bag]

what they do have to do with is that i tried to DIY distress a pair of [non-maternity!] boyfriend jeans just like i distressed my favorite shorts this past summer

and i learned a valuable lesson, if pants are have any stretch, the distressing won't work as well as with non-stretchy pants. [oh well.]


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