Friday, November 8, 2013

friday favs [pregnancy must-haves: part 1]

Friday, November 8, 2013
friday favs [pregnancy must-haves: part 1]

now that i'm [more] than half-way through my pregnancy [!!!!!], i thought i'd share with you my must-haves so far! 

in no particular order:

1. long tanks: belly coverage is key and in a time when your current tops ride up to expose your growing belly [a la my beer belly look for halloween], having longer tanks is necessary. i love these from old navy. cheap and perfect. i have 17. [just kidding. or maybe not].

2. open cardigans: nothing zips or buttons anymore, but open-front cardigans never let you down. i love this one from forever 21.

3. natural skin-care: i used to use proactiv for my acne before getting pregnant and while it's probably ok to use [jury's still out, i get conflicting info], i wanted to switch to something more natural. enter the belli anti-blemish line, which does an amazing job and i no longer look like a teenager going through puberty.

4. body pillow: specifically made for mamas-to-be, the bump nest body pillow is like sleeping on a cloud. that's hugging you.

5. low-rise leggings: having anything hitting your lower abdomen is really annoying. low-rise leggings are not only comfy for your legs, but don't push into your uterus/baby/bladder. i love these from old navy.

happy friday!

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  1. Always said when I'm pregnant I'll be wearing nothing but leggings ! lol


  2. haha #4 instantly reminded me of jennifer lopez's scene with one in What to Expect When You're Expecting! Did you ever see it? It kinda made me want to get one even though i'm not expecting ;)

    xo marlen
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