Tuesday, November 5, 2013

tuesday threads [faux leather & plaid]

Tuesday, November 5, 2013
before talking about my outfit, i just want to point out that someone took my beautiful ghost pumpkin from my front porch [you can see it here] and drop-kicked it down the street where it lies to this day with a very sad crack in it. i have to pass it at least twice a day and get angry each and every time.

so to that pathetic idiot who thought it was funny to do this, i say namaste [and i say namaste in the same way this whole foods article means it]. you're a jerk. way to upset a pregnant lady.

anywho. this is what i wore on saturday for some errand running, dinner with friends, and pre-halloween party. i love pairing [faux] leather with plaid. especially my new red plaid. it's such a grunge combo that totally fit the overcast day.

[urban outfitters faux leather jacket (old), j.crew factory plaid button down shirt, j.crew maternity pixie pants, madewell biker boot, rebecca minkoff mini mac, h&m scarf (in stores)]

and for those curious what i ended up going as for halloween...

...you're welcome. 


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