Thursday, December 12, 2013

thursday threads [a date with carlo]

Thursday, December 12, 2013
i had a great time when i stopped by the grand opening of the king of prussia carlo pazolini location!

[me with the always stylish lulu of simply lulu style]

as one of their newer stores, it has a gorgeous, bright concept, clearly displayed beautiful italian leather and suede - not to mention silk scarves/handkerchiefs - and friendly, knowledgeable sales staff. 

i rocked my carlo pazolini booties [with that gorgeous gold heel detail] and fell in luuuurve with a pair of suede knee-high boots which were 30% off. [sadly, i was being good and left empty handed] but if you stop by, check out some of the awesome sales they have going on!

[carlo pazolini boots (c/o)]

[next time, my pretties, next time]

be sure to follow the brand on facebook, instagram [@carlopazolni], and twitter [@carlo_pazolini] for announcements, details, and sales!

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