Tuesday, December 10, 2013

tuesday threads [sunday comfies]

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
to be honest, this is what us preggo ladies would love to be wearing 24/7. with the occasional change into maternity leggings [can i get an amen, preggo ladies?].

let's dissect why it's so perfect:

1. both pants and top are maternity [asos maternity to be exact] and made to; a) fit over the belly [for the top] and b) under the belly [for the bottoms]

2. sweatpants ['nuff said]

3. soft furry footwear

4. scarf & hat for warmth [i for one, am always cold. and don't worry mom, i was outside for 2.3 seconds without a coat after which i put one on]

5. zero to minimal makeup/need to do hair [because of the hat, you see. and caution: you may get weird looks because you look 16 and pregnant]

i wore this heavenly outfit on sunday when we ran out to pick our christmas tree. and then the rest of day spent studying, cleaning, tree-trimming, and lounging.

[asos maternity top & pants, ugg boots, madewell scarf (in some stores), gap hat (old)]

p.s. check out the gorgeous wreath my mother-in-law made us to make our front door nice and festive!

p.p.s are you stopping by the MAKE UP FOREVER holiday happy hour this week? instagram your complimentary makeover with hashtag #makeupforeverhh and tag me, @natalie_hodak!


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