Tuesday, December 17, 2013

two for tuesday [legging week]

Tuesday, December 17, 2013
ladies and gentlemen. boys and girls. children of all ages. mamas-to-be and no-pant aficionados. i bring you... LEGGING WEEK!

what is legging week, you may be asking? why, it's only the best week ever. 

you see, after a certain point in a woman's pregnancy [i'd say week 1], pants become incredibly constricting. so constricting, in fact, that they stop fitting all-together. 

so what's a gal carrying a human life [or two] to do? 

the answer? you guessed it... leggings!

now leggings aren't technically considered pants, and while i agree with this terminology to a degree, i also am of the mindset that as long as your ass[ets] is covered, what's the harm? [who's with me?!]

i'd like to show you how you can take a pair of [glorious] old navy maternity leggings from lounging around the house, to date night, to going out in the brisk chill of this here winter that's seemed to have hit the northeast full force. all you need as a base for these outfits are:

legging week

so buckle up. because legging week, legging week is magical.


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