Wednesday, December 4, 2013

wear it wednesday [black friday score]

Wednesday, December 4, 2013
did you score anything great at the black friday sales? 

i actually went out, if you can believe it. i hit up kop mall [which was great] and ended up at target to get a crib mattress [which was not great, c'mon seriously people, you're not going to let a pregnant woman with a giant mattress in her cart by? namaste to you too, jerkfaces].

my favorite score was this faded yellow work shirt [that still buttons!] and scarf that i've been eyeing over at madewell for forever at 25% off!

i love pairing plaid with unexpected patterns like stripes [and to be honest, this shirt is all that fits me right now... just kidding. but maybe not for long]. 

[madewell work shirt, madewell scarf (in stores), h&m striped top, h&m mama jeans, madewell biker boots, rebecca minkoff mini mac]

did you get anything good on black friday?

pleated poppy 
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p.s. don't forget to join me this saturday, december 7th from 2pm-8pm at the grand opening of the carlo pazolini store in the kop mall!


  1. I got some pretty great things at Old Navy. I can't believe everything was 50% off!! The Target people are making me frustrated just thinking about would think that they would put down their game faces for a second actually help you. Ahhh!!

  2. I love the plaid and stripes together - so cute! And I love the unbuttoned blouse - such a great maternity idea!

  3. I have that same watch. <3 it so much. Cute style! madewell biker boots led me here.

  4. Looking lovely, love this outfit!


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