Thursday, January 9, 2014

oh and one more thing [an ode to weitzman]

Thursday, January 9, 2014

an ode to weitzman

you fit my calves,
you sweet, stretchy boots.
you're tall and chic, 
worth a few looks.

you're not on a heel,
to make me fall.
you're suede and wonderful

mr. stuart weitzman, you smart, smart man
you made the best boots in the land.
so what if they cost lots of dollars,
they make my legs look long and taller.

oh sweet 50/50s what can i say?
i'm so glad you are here to stay.
there in my closet, a slice of heaven,
i want to wear you 24/7.

[this is what happens when you're a pregnant fashion blogger and sweatpants are all that fits you. you write poems to shoes. shoes that fit.]


  1. ugh I so want some 50/50s. But I'm worried I might be a tad too short to do the whole "OTK" look. Need to try them on in person, stat!

    1. i''m 5'3 with short legs and they make it up to my knee (maybe slightly over) because they bunch a little at the ankles and you have to account for the calves. seriously best boots i've ever owned :)


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