Thursday, January 16, 2014

thursday threads [missguided blazer]

Thursday, January 16, 2014
[missguided blazer, h&m dress (old), stuart weitzman 50/50 boots (black leather)]

it took 15 business days to get to me, but the lovely dark green missguided blazer [as seen on julie of sincerely jules] finally made it to my door and onto my currently rotund frame. 

i was pretty annoyed at first that it took so long to get here, but i've already worn in 3 times and it is as chic as i thought it would be, so i can't stay mad. 

welcome to my blazer collection, you dark green beauty, you.

p.s. if you're ordering, just spring for the expedited shipping and save yourself this misery.

p.p.s. sorry about the plethora of dog butt in these pics, he wouldn't move. [you see it now, don't you?]


  1. Sehr schick, ein tolles Outfit.

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