Monday, February 10, 2014

monday musings [why this winter sucks]

Monday, February 10, 2014
I hate the cold.  Below 55 and it sucks

you guys, this winter is getting ridiculous. let's discuss why:

  • i can't go anywhere [except work, and only sometimes]. 
  • everyone's always afraid of me slipping [which i guess is a valid point].
  • on top of my already having issues finding clothes that fit me in my closet, those that do are wholly inappropriate for winter [because i mean, technically, my old navy tights aren't warm enough].
  • my footwear selection has dwindled down to a) stuart weitzman 5050 over-the-knee boots or b) uggs.
  • we've already had one day when we lost power and another storm coming on thursday.
  • i keep having to reschedule my now weekly doctor appointments and each time the scheduling service tells me the only dates available are at the end of march [you know, when i'll actually have a baby already].
  • even though our township and those around me do a great job of clearing the roads, people seem to regress in their ability to drive [please use your turn signals, i can't read your mind!].
  • beau will only poo in grass [because he's a diva and we have to shovel several options for him. and by "we" i mean my husband].

ok, rant over. bring on the spring!


  1. Spring is coming I swear :-)


  2. Too funny....and so true! Hang in there girl...Spring is right around the corner! :)


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