Thursday, February 20, 2014

thursday tales [inappropriate labor music mix]

Thursday, February 20, 2014
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nope, no baby yet, but since i've been a terrible fashion blogger - what with the complete lack of pictures this week - i thought i'd share a little funny story.

this past weekend my husband jason and i [ok mostly just i] were packing up the baby's bag and my hospital bag. i had [obviously] decided to repack the new pajama options i picked up at target the week before [like i'll actually care what i'm wearing, right?] and talking about the delivery itself.

you may not know this about me, but i'm not one for pain [but who is, right?] and i was telling jason that i'll be "needing his support" and other cliche pregnant lady comments when he suggested that he should make a labor mix of music to soothe me in what's sure to be a stressful experience.

and i busted out laughing. at my poor husband. who was just trying to be helpful.

you want to know why? it's because the first song that popped into my head was "push it" by salt'n'pepa. i couldn't stop laughing [and of course had to run pee because the baby is directly on my bladder these days].

we decided that there had to be other amazingly inappropriate songs to play during labor that i just had to share with you guys.

so without further adieu, i give you, the music-not-to-play-when-you're-in-labor-mix [in order of labor stage progression and complete with youtube links]:

"let's get it started" - the black eyed peas
"under pressure" - queen
"shout" - tears for fears
"hurt so good" - john mellencamp
"you shook me all night long" - ac/dc
"do you really want to hurt me" - culture club
"gonna make you sweat" - c+c music factory
"i wanna be sedated" - the ramones
"relax" - frankie goes to hollywood
"push it" - salt'n'pepa
"ring of fire" - johnny cash
"it's the final countdown" - europe
"drop it like it's hot" - snoop dog & pharrell williams
"i'm coming out" - diana ross

[i'm sorry and you're welcome].

have i missed any good ones?


  1. Um, this is hilarious. I just laughed out loud in the office, hahaha.

  2. you're hilarious and yes that would be the first song i would think of. was literally thinking of you yesterday wondering if baby had popped a hole in the hot tub yet. :) take care! thanks for stopping by!



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