Friday, March 7, 2014

friday favs [hatch collection spring/summer 2014]

Friday, March 7, 2014

you guys, i just can't. i need everything pictured above. i've been bitten by the hatch bug and now want to live in all of their pieces. since they transition seamlessly from maternity to post-partum, i don't see why i can't!

my favorites from their spring/summer 2014 collection are as follows:

1. the sophie sweatshirt. this may be my absolute favorite. i just love how light and comfy it looks!
2. the pocket tee. wide scoop neckline and softness for days? who could say no? [not me!]
3. the sunday pant. i'd wear these bad boys on sunday. and monday. and tuesday. and wed - well you get the drift!
4. the bateau dress. stripey, has pockets, flattering fit. yes, please!
5. the blazer. so stylish and that salmon color is perfection. you know, i don't have a salmon blazer yet...

be still my heart [and wallet].

happy friday!


  1. Um, these are all adorable. You should get them all :)

  2. So cute. I refused to wear one stitch of "maternity" clothing after I left the hospital which left me with two outfits to wear. One was a work-ish pant suit and the other was a sweat suit type of ensemble. My husband was soooo sick of the sweat suit thing that he made me throw it away after two weeks. I'm wearing it in every photo on me and the baby for those two weeks (except for the bris..i wore the work-ish thing)

  3. OMG..After I hit the comment button, I saw your instagram feed on the side. CONGRATULATIONS, Lily is gorgeous! xo


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