Thursday, March 20, 2014

thursday tales [life with lily]

Thursday, March 20, 2014

somehow we have a 2 week old already.

the past 2 weeks have been challenging, sleepless, and well, frankly, my boobs hurt [i'm breastfeeding, and she's a shark].

we've had some sweet visitors, lily's wardrobe has grown exponentially, and beau is really coming around to this little hairless puppy that suddenly appeared in our lives. 

i haven't worn anything more than pjs/soft t-shirts/lounge wear [check out my 2 week post-partum outfit recommendations tomorrow!] and no makeup has touched this face since i left the hospital [when i insisted on putting on some mascara to keep from looking completely terrifying].  

we had newborn pictures taken by the uber talented danielle soloff of danielle soloff photography [i highly recommend her!] and as you can tell, the night before, lily decided to cluster feed every hour and my big plans of getting dressed or heck, brushing my hair, for some of the family photos flew right out the window [i still love how the picture turned out].

and i wouldn't change a single second.


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