Wednesday, March 5, 2014

wear it wednesday [sweatpant chic]

Wednesday, March 5, 2014
don't panic, you are looking at the second best blog and this is an actual outfit post. you forgot i did those, right? me too, me too.

i just haven't worn anything "blogworthy" in like 2 weeks, but i wanted to show off how you can dress up sweatpants to the office. [yes, i went there].

my workplace has clearly given up on me wearing anything remotely work appropriate, but i thought i'd jazz up these old navy skinny sweats [suuuuuper comfy, btw] with my sweet theory blazer [a marshall's #fabfound from late 2013], a nice leopard scarf, and [of course] my new vince d'orsay flats i picked up at the shop bop sale event [couldn't help it]!

[theory blazer (via marshall's), old navy maternity long sleeve tee (similar), old navy skinny sweatpants, vince d'orsay nina flats, express leopard print infinity scarf]

pleated poppy 
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p.s. while i'm done buying maternity clothes and will be spending the rest of my pregnancy in these sweatpants, asos is having a 2 day maternity sale with some great deals to be had, so for all you newly or still pregnant mamas, go check it out!


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