Thursday, April 10, 2014

thursday threads [1 month update]

Thursday, April 10, 2014

so i'm not sure when this happened, but i have a 1 month old already [well technically she's 5 weeks today]!

i know i kind of went into hibernation here this past month, but i gotta tell you, c-section recovery plus a newborn is no joke. i'm so incredibly lucky to have such amazing friends and family [especially my wonderful husband] to help out. kudos, props, and much respect for single moms. seriously. 

but good news - i'm feeling much better these days! i've started walking beau after jason gets home from work, i've actually put on real clothes [like twice, but every little bit counts], and the other day i single-handedly walked beau and lily at the same time. without her screaming bloody murder. big win! 

with miss lily o being 1 month, i thought i'd fill you in on her stats, likes and dislikes:
  • at 1 month, the little lady weighs in at a whopping 9lbs 6oz [all that good boob milk]
  • likes: boobs, pooping, being clothed [that's my girl], baths, peeing on daddy, escaping the swaddle, making little goat noises [anyone else's baby do this? it's adorable], napping in someone's arms, grandma [my mom is an animal/baby whisperer], and her new pacifier
  • dislikes: car seats [although we're working on this], being swaddled, being naked

also, here are some products i've found helpful in this first month:
  • aiden & anais swaddles. we have like 15. they're so versatile. get them.
  • mam pacifier. i was super against "the paci" because i'm breastfeeding but after weeks of raw nipples [tmi?] and some sleepless nights, i happened to grab these during a target run and haven't looked back since.
  • pampers swaddlers. after a not-so-fun blow-out diaper with the huggies, we've decided that we're a pampers family. they're lovely.
  • pampers baby dry. she wakes up when wet/dirty. these keep her dry longer. thus, she sleeps more at night. everyone wins!
  • amazon prime. since i haven't been out with baby to an actual store yet, this is how i get my diapers delivered super quick. the ups/fedex guys basically stop at our house on the daily.
  • skip hop activity gym. she likes to hang out on her back and look at the dangly animals. and beau likes to take anything not secured as his own personal toy. [sorry little sheep].
  • old navy footie one-piece. this is basically what she wears at home. easy on, easy off. keeps her warm. and allllways on sale. they run big!
there's also a turtle that plays "you are my sunshine" that jason's mom got her. it's the little things.

i'll be getting my act together one of these days and actually getting dressed. in the meantime, find me [and lots-o-pictures of lily] on instagram: @natalie_hodak!


  1. My kids were pacifier babies. I swore i'd never give them one but it really made a big difference in my quality of life. The good thing is that unlike thumbs, you can take them away one day. We had the pinkie fairy come and trade a toy for the pacifiers when they were big enough to get rid of them. We also did not allow them to walk around with them in their mouth. They were for crib and carseats and pediatrician's offices only.

    I can't believe that she is already five weeks! She is gorgeous!

  2. You are so cute writing this recap of her first month. One of my favorite things to do was write 1-month recaps on Vivian. Lily is adorable and I love her hat. In one thing she is opposite with Vivian. Vivian always hated (still does) being clothed and loves getting naked. =D

    They grow up way too fast. Treasure each day with your precious little one.

    <3 Hugs Ada.


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