Thursday, May 8, 2014

thursday tales [2 month update]

Thursday, May 8, 2014

all of a sudden, i have a 2 month old! when did this happen?

here's a few things we accomplished this month:

  • gained some weight! at the last weigh in a couple of weeks ago, she was 10lbs 8oz [and i'm sure she's over 11lbs now]
  • sleeping basically through the night [quick, knock on wood!]
  • she's still in pampers swaddlers size 1 diapers [but not for much longer]
  • we're going to mommy & me yoga!
  • likes: boob [boob, and more boob], her swing, pooping, [still loves] peeing on daddy, walks [thank goodness], "talking" to her her toys in her crib, her owl rattle and soft bunny
  • dislikes: being wet or hungry, being swaddled, being hot

can't wait to see what the next month brings with this cutie!


  1. Natalie, she is so beautiful. And already has grown up so much. Love her hair piece, where did you order that at? Also, I am not sure I told you but I love her name: pretty, sweet and classic, like her. Olivia was one of the names I considered for my daughter too. And I have always loved Lily.

    I want to wish you a Happy First Mother's Day my friend. May you have a little pampering and relaxation this weekend. Stay tuned for a special Mother's Day post I got coming up. I will give you a shot-out. =)

    <3 Ada.

    1. aww thank you ada! you're the sweetest - i'll look for your post!


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