Wednesday, May 28, 2014

wear it wednesday [romp around]

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
[old navy romper (in print here), rebecca minkoff hudson moto mini, ray ban aviators]

ever since i hit puberty and failed to grow boobs of any kind, my mom promised me that when i have a baby, the boobs will come.

nothing much changed throughout my pregnancy and although i gained weight everywhere else, there wasn't a very noticeable change in my bosom [i just wanted to use "bosom" in a sentence].

that is until i started breastfeeding my daughter.

wearing nursing bras, you don't really get a good sense of what size your milk producers are. i basically went to target and bought the "small" and they seem to fit just fine.

[there's a point to this, i promise.]

but the other day i tried on my old strapless bra that i needed to wear for my bestie's upcoming wedding and it was really, really small. 

having a free afternoon, i ran up to victoria's secret to have them measure me and help me find my new bra size. the tape went around my chest, the salesgirl checked her chart, and promptly said words that i didn't think i would hear unless i got a boob job; "i have you at a 32DD". holy mother of pearl, i had gone from a 32A to a 32DD. mama was right!

after i picked my jaw up off the floor, i got fitted for a lovely strapless bra in a size i would never have picked up myself.

and you know what the best part about my new DD's? [no, it's not that i can now do the baywatch run with actual bounce-age, although...

they're providing nutrition for my baby girl [insert cheesy mom smile here].

p.s. i'm a sucker for rompers!

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