Monday, June 30, 2014

mama monday [organizing your freezer stash]

Monday, June 30, 2014
i've decided to post about random new mama stuff i pick up along the way. not like i haven't been doing it anyway since i suck at taking outfit pictures anymore [but there's one coming on wear it wednesday!], but now there's a fun title to the series.

disclaimer: it may just happen this once. who knows.

one random thing i've been obsessing over is my freezer stash. for all you non-breastfeeding people out there, a freezer stash is the stash of breast milk you have on ice so you can be away from your baby for more than 3 hours. and much like the squirrel gathers acorns for the winter, working moms who breastfeed spend hours pumping to build up this sacred stockpile.

i started pumping for my stash when lily was 1 month old and i've built up quite the little stockpile. unfortunately, due to my complete inability to organize [especially the refrigerator] it always seems as though i don't have enough.

i give you, exhibit a [my freezer - this is a judgement-free zone, yes?]:

and it terrifies me to pieces.

while pumping the other day [with my new hands free pumping contraption, which btw, is a whole other post altogether] i stumbled upon some really sweet DIY storage solutions.

first, why not use an empty soda can fridge pack holder thing like this smart mama?

Frozen breastmilk storage def doing this now because my freezer is getting full and that will also help tom use them in the right order

i love this idea because you can clearly see how much milk you have [and i'm a big fan of those corn dogs she has pictured].

orrrr, you could go the super crafty route and do one of these gift bag jobs:

Breastmilk Storage Idea! Take a gift bag that is the size of your storage bags and cut a small slit in the bottom of the bag. This way the oldest gets used first :)

you basically get a gift bag with a bottom roughly the size of your breast milk storage bags, cut a slit [i've just decided i don't like that word... slit... -shudder-] in the bottom, place your bags inside [oldest at the first] that way you can just pull the bag out when you need it.

of the two methods, i'm most likely going to stick with the first because i need to see how many ounces are in the bag before i pull it out so i can add up the 18 or so ounces my daughter drinks while at day care.

also would it be weird if i used a beer fridge pack instead of soda? no? i didn't think so.

how do you organize your stash?

p.s. a non-DIY route would be one of these!

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