Thursday, June 19, 2014

thursday treats [kumari hair oil]

Thursday, June 19, 2014

so i'm really excited about this, you guys. 

since having lily, my hair hasn't been it's best. it's not the most amazing hair anyways, and then losing all those pregnancy hormones, [and completely neglecting it for 3 months while on maternity leave] well, it's just "blah" now. i've been reading here and there about the benefits of oil - for hair or face [and it totally scares the greasy hair/oily skinned person that is me]! so when aarti gala of kumari hair oil reached out to me to see if i wanted to try it, i jumped at the chance.

for the past 2 weeks i've been using this oil as directed: 
  • apply oil to scalp starting at the roots and working your way down through the ends [you want to make sure your hair is covered but not over-saturated
  • leave oil in for 30 minutes or if you're feeling adventurous, overnight [i've been washing my hair at night so i just do this a half hour before my shower]
  • wash out with a mild shampoo and if you want, lightly condition your hair [i've been doing both but if you have naturally oily hair you can skip the conditioner]
and that's it! it's that easy.

so what's the verdict?

i'm happy so say that this new mama's hair is noticeably softer and shinier even after 2 weeks [and my fears of being greasy mcgee were totally unfounded]. i'm excited to keep using it, see if my hair gets stronger, and hopefully ditch the tub full of hair products that's taking up prime real estate in my bathroom closet.

would you try hair oil?

disclaimer: i was provided a sample of kumari hair oil but all opinions are my own!


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