Tuesday, June 10, 2014

tuesday tales [3 month update]

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

my little chubby cheeked chipmunk is 3 months old already [as of the 6th]!

this past month lily:

  • gained some more weight! [12lbs 1oz at her 2 month check-up]
  • holds her head up like a champ
  • is being a rock star at sleeping through the night [still knocking on wood with this one!]
  • did 3 days at day care before my first official return [yesterday], and loved it!
  • took a successful long car trip [with my mom in the backseat entertaining her, of course]
  • became way more talkative [and my husband is convinced she said "hi" to him]
  • held her bottle all by herself for a hot minute
  • outgrew her bath hammock
she likes: eating [obviously] and especially nursing, smiling at mama and daddy, staring at people's faces, grabbing mama's hair and pulling hard [i may need that mom haircut soon], being held, bath time, her pacifier, her owl rattle/soft bunny/sharp-pei puppy toy [and basically any toy with eyes].

she dislikes: having the bottle taken away from her to be burped [we're talking serious screaming here], being too hot [and especially in the car seat], being swaddled [at least at the beginning], being wet/dirty.

i'm also testing out the honest company diaper/wipe bundle and so far, so good. i'll do a little review [for price, coverage, and diaper rash factor] after we give them another month!

p.s. beau's obsessed with licking lily. face, hands, and [especially, particularly, deliciously] her feet

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  1. Goodness she is getting so big, time goes way to fast!
    xo jess


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