Friday, July 11, 2014

friday favs [currently coveting]

Friday, July 11, 2014
friday favs [currently coveting]

when i shop, i try to steer clear of impulse purchases [but we all know they happen] by doing some reconnaissance on an item [ok, so i stalk it, alright?enough with the 3rd degree here]. if i keep coming back to it, they i know i really, really want it.

here are a few items i've stalked scoped out recently:

  1. mansur gavriel bucket bag. specifically in cammello rosa. but i'll take the raw version too. heck, who am i kidding, i'll take any of the interior choices and even wouldn't pass up the brandy color. the only thing i don't want is the mini version - too small for this large-bag toting gal. i say this like i'll ever actually get my hands on one [and i'm not paying $900 which is what some are going for on ebay]. seriously, are these bad boys ever not sold out? [p.s. confession - i visit the mansur gavriel website daily just to see if they've restocked. they haven't. picture me doing a sad-face-boo-boo-lip]
  2. joie a la plage sable sandals in gunmetal. oh and hey - they're on sale at shop bop!
  3. baublebar crystal mason ring. it's waistlisted - boo!
  4. ray-ban silver mirror sunglasses. i absolutely love my original ray-ban aviators and have been wearing the heck out of the blue mirrored ones too. so i think adding these silver mirrored beauties to my collection isn't a far stretch is it? let's just wait for a sale, though, shall we?
  5. jennifer zeuner gia double star lariat in gold. i've wanted a lariat necklace for quite some time and have finally found the one i want. wouldn't it make just a darling birthday present? [hint hint]
what have you been coveting lately?

and with that, happy friday!

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  1. I love my Rayban aviators .. they are quite delicate though. I dropped by blue lens aviators and shattered on lens. So I had the lens replaced .. wasn't cheap, but .. was cheaper than a new pair :-)



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