Monday, August 11, 2014

mama monday [beer & cookies]

Monday, August 11, 2014

i am now on a strict beer and cookie diet [yes, you read that right].

let me explain.

i mentioned at the end of last week's 5 month lily update that we may have to start supplementing with formula because my supply isn't quite meeting miss thing's appetite [and that i'm pretty bummed about that].

after some initial hiccups [that we fixed by meeting with a lactation consultant], breastfeeding has become something i really enjoy. i'm not going to get into the whole drama about breast vs. bottle - this is solely my opinion and what works best for me and my family - but i do want lily to continue to get all the benefits of breast milk as her primary food source without having to supplement.

so why am i worried about my supply? let's do some math [ew, math]. currently, she's eating 4.5 to 5oz at day care... every two hours. that means for the length of time she's there, she gets 5 bottles. so let's be conservative and say that's 25oz, just for day care, every day. [my boobs hurt just thinking about it ]. i typically pump 2-3 times at work and have seemed to have maxed out at 20oz. that 5oz difference has almost depleted [my now organized] stockpile to being barely a day ahead. i try to pump i get home from work, but my supply is a little low then and after breastfeeding all evening, she's been consistently waking up at 11pm and 3am to eat so i want to make sure i'm not all empty-boobed and stuff.

how does that tie back to beer and cookies? here's how:

  • beer: i did some research about alcohol and breastfeeding* as well as beer and breastfeeding and decided to give it a try. the polysaccharide in the barley used to make the beer seem to stimulate prolactin, which helps make more milk. it's actually not the alcohol - so you can use non-alcoholic beer!
  • cookies: lactation cookies to be exact. they're almost all oatmeal chocolate chip and it's the brewer's yeast, oatmeal, and flax seed used in the recipe that help with milk production. i first tried milkmakers lactation cookies but they weren't the tastiest, nor did i notice a huge difference. then i had a girlfriend tell me about this recipe. jason [being the best hubby that he is] made them for me and i'm on my second 48-cookie batch this week. i eat at least 2 [or ahem, 4] a day and they're delicious!
these not the only way to stimulate supply. the more your baby feeds, the more you're supposed to produce. then there's also fenugreek supplement/teas you can take [but they're so gross].

i've been doing both beer and cookies together for a couple of weeks i have actually noticed a difference in my supply - i'm able to pump more throughout the day and even got to pump over the weekend when i exclusive breastfeed lily.

we've also started introducing her to rice cereal, applesauce, bananas, and sweet potato - but she's not really interested. so i'm hoping to have this little setup of mine last me through her 5th month and into the 6th when i want to introduce baby-led weaning. i think she'll do better with picking up a [baby safe] chunk of banana and putting it in her mouth rather than eating it all mushed up from a spoon.

i'd love to hear any mamas out there that are going through or have gone through a decrease in supply and what you did for it!

*before i get any judge-y-ness, i never ever breastfeed my daughter if i feel the least bit tipsy. i only have my beer after she's gone to bed and know that she won't be getting up for another 4 hours. i don't drink 17 beers and get loaded, i have 1. i do, however, eat about 4 cookies a day - so sue me.


  1. Wow! It's amazing how nutrition can really help fortify breast milk production :-)

    Sounds like you and baby are doing great!


  2. Hey there! Your little bugger is sooo cute! I hope you're enjoying motherhood. Breastfeeding can be challenging, I'm glad that you're enjoying it more. I never did... :( Stay in touch!


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